Best Floor Jacks

Best Floor Jacks

The car jack literally does some heavy lifting in the garage. Fixing or inspecting the suspension of your car would be difficult without a jack. Removing the tire of your car or replacing its mags requires the usage of a car jack because you need to lift the car off the ground.

A car jack is easy to use, durable, and fits nicely inside any trunk. It is a must-have for any automobile garage and trunk as it lets you work safely and confidently on your car. If you do not have one yet, purchase one immediately to avoid running into safety complications while working on your vehicle.

The jack was invented by Frank L. Gormley Sr. in 1905 at a Chicago manufacturing plant. According to HubPages, Gormley Sr. patented the lift jack in 1905 and the screw jack in 1908.

These two jacks would eventually pave way to the hydraulic jack, patented on May 9, 1972 by inventors Pierre Ghobert, Rene Lucien, and Yves Pascal.

Planning to replace your tires or checking the underbelly of the car for dents and scratches is easier and safer with a jack. There are a lot of manufacturers in the car jack industry that deserve your hard-earned money. Below are some tips and possible brands you can check out for the best floor jack.

How to choose the best car jack

There is no definitive formula when choosing which car jack would fit your needs best. But there are guidelines you can follow that maximize your buying options. These are not definitive and do not hold a specific ranking and prioritization. Try to fulfill everything listed below.


It has to be renowned and popular in the car jack industry. It need not be popular, but it must have some sort of name recognition. People in the shop must be able to recognize it because you need a tool that is trusted by stores everywhere.


Your car jack must be the best and have a variety of weight thresholds. This diversity makes it one of the best because it can lift different weights.

When lifting thousands of pounds off the ground, you require components of AAA quality; you do not want a 4,000-pound object crashing on you or your mechanic.


Affordability does not mean it’s made out of substandard materials. There are countless quality jacks out there that do not get credit because of the popularity of other companies. Look for affordable options because they might actually be better than what other people use in their garage.

What to look for in a good product

You must always consider the features present in your tool. Some jacks may have a lower price but lack the features that justify the price. If the more expensive lift has more features than the cheaper one, do not hesitate to buy the pricier one.

The trade-off will be the number of things you can do with your jack for the number of bills you are taking out of your wallet.

The best floor jack exudes quality labeling, a reasonable warranty schedule, and a seal of excellence from an auditing or checking agency. Although not all jacks have a reasonable warranty schedule, try to find a jack that has the first and third on the product’s packaging.

It must not be too expensive for the features it has, but it must also not be so cheap that the materials are not worth it, even for the price tag.

Look for a product with good reviews online, a credible and reliable customer service, and a history of excellence that has never let people down in the garage.

Never waste your time on a product that has not yet proven its worth to the company’s customers. If you are unsure which product fits the bill, below are some choices that might tickle your fancy.

T10152 Scissor Jack – Torin


  • Can lift up to 1.5 tons or 3,000 pounds
  • Immense base for stability
  • Scissor design provides better lifting than competing products
  • Minimum height is at 3.75 inches while maximum height is at 15.4 inches
  • Weighs 7.7 pounds
  • Long handle for better pushing
  • Easily fits any trunk size
  • Shiny red paint finish

Torinjacks USA is a leading maker of automotive equipment. It is a company you can confidently trust in whatever support equipment you need for your vehicle. They make impressive support jacks, hoists, cable hooks, and stands.

Torin’s most notable product on Amazon is the T10152, a scissor jack that can lift one-and-a-half tons or three thousand pounds. It comes in red and is 100-percent factory tested in China. Its scissor design ensures the jack will not clamp down suddenly.

Torin make sure every detail is spot-on for maximum strength and satisfaction while using the jack.

Every bit of the T10152 is made of steel. It has a large base for added stability and lifting power that adds to the utility of the jack. Its lifting range is from 3¾” to 15”. It is easier to maneuver and understand than other devices that sport the same weight threshold.

The manufacturer also makes sure that the Scissor can fit a car trunk easily. Gone are the days when you have to leave the jack at the garage because of its weight and size. The Scissor weighs in at 7.7 pounds and comes with a handle for easier usage. This may be the best floor jack for its size and profile.

The only downside to the Scissor Jack is its weight limit. The T10152 cannot lift weight that is greater than three thousand pounds.  Everything else about the product is fantastic. It is bulletproof and can take any vehicle on as long as it falls under the weight limitations.

The jack shows a lot of potential and balance as a tool. It is reliable, won’t break down after a couple of uses, and is very affordable, which means you can buy more Scissors to confidently lift an entire vehicle off the ground.

Customers are satisfied with the base of the jack. It fits the total package well because you need a strong base to lift a lot of heavy weight off the floor.

The strong foundation of the T10152 can be the foundation of your garage, especially if you inspect your vehicle on a regular basis.

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Powerzone 380044 – Milestone Tools


  • Body of the jack is a lightweight aluminum frame that makes lifting easy
  • Weight threshold is 3 tons or 6,000 pounds
  • Uses hydraulics instead of a manual lever
  • Has a safety valve that warns the person if the jack is overloading
  • Equipped with a steel lifting arm that makes lifting much easier
  • Has rubber paddings to avoid damaging the frame of the lifted vehicle
  • Comes with two stationary front wheels and two swiveling rear wheels for greater mobility
  • Silver paint finish
  • Weighs 59.1 pounds

This Milestone Tools is a heavyweight contender. Quite literally, the tool weighs nearly 60 pounds and measures at 28.4 x 13.9 x 7.4 inches, according to its Amazon web page. It is the type of jack one would normally see in a professional car garage.

It is also eight times heavier than the red jack. The 380044 comes in silver and looks pretty decent, even if it looks a little dirty from all the grease and grime due to continuous usage of the tool. It will see a lot of work done in the garage because it is a heavy duty jack that can lift 6,000 pounds.

As always, know the total weight of your vehicle first before purchasing this jack. The car manual and the Internet are prime resources for your answers. Most cars today do not exceed two tons, but make sure that the vehicle fits the threshold or else the jack might suffer overloading.

A safety valve will trigger when it does overload. This layer of safety is important and good to have because it can tell you when you should back off. If it does make such a sound, the hydraulic system of the jack will lower the vehicle safely.

Milestone Tools made sure that the Powerzone is easy to use. This comes with hydraulics that are masterfully controlled by a steel lifting arm. Reviewers love the arm so much because the nimblest taps on the arm raises or lowers a vehicle with precision.

The rubber padding installed on the jack is also great because it protects the car body from being scratched by the jack. However, its weight may be a turnoff because 59.1 pounds is still heavy, even if it does come with responsive wheels.

This jack is simpler to use than others. Its array of safety features for the user and the vehicle are worthy aspects of the Powerzone. The 380044 comes in silver and is widely available on Amazon.

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Hydraulic Trolley – LiftMaster


  • Swivels at 360 degrees
  • Rust-resistant and highly durable versus the elements
  • Easily maneuverable wheels
  • Impressive steel frame
  • Easily lifts two tons
  • Made of heavy gauge steel
  • Frame provides added strength when in contact with vehicles
  • Uses hydraulics to raise vehicle up steadily
  • Sensitive handle
  • Blue and silver paint finish

If the Scissor Jack has a great base that aids in lifting and the Powerzone has a fully-aluminum body that promotes twice the lifting power, the Hydraulic Trolley can literally turn things around for the user. It has a 360-degree Swivel Saddle that comes in contact with the vehicle better than most reviewed jacks.

This is twice the weight of the Scissor Jack. At 18.3 pounds, it is also the sleekest at 17.7 x 7.9 x 5.5 inches. It can carry two tons of wheels and comes in a rust-resistant finish. The tires are painted blue while the rest of the body is a combination of black and light grey.

Its handle is nicely responsive. Other jacks may be difficult to use because they look and feel heavy to push down. The Hydraulic Trolley makes lifting a car easy, plus it is “very compatible” with most vehicle types. You must check if the overall weight of the car is less than two tons.

One of the major problems people encounter with the jack is construction quality. Some users report difficulty lifting their vehicle at a higher elevation. As advertised, the LiftMaster jack’s lowered height is 5.25 inches and extended is at around 13.25.

You may want to buy multiple jacks to confidently lift the vehicle. Disperse multiple Trolleys for great success.

Overall, the product has a good balance between cost and quality. Do not expect world-class quality for less than $30, although not everything that is tagged as affordable is bad. Construction can do a little better next time. The swivel ability makes the jack a nice tool to pick up as well.

It is also one of the easiest to store because it has such a low center of gravity and even has a handle if you could not roll it on the ground. It would not corrode in the rain quickly because of its rust-resistant properties.

It has a saddle that can take weight confidently without breaking. If you need something more heavy duty than this one, LiftMaster has other products that may suit you.

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Hi-Lift Jack – Hi-Lift Jack Company


  • Winch clamp connector lifts even the heaviest vehicles
  • Can lift 7,000 pounds
  • Comes in 42, 48, and 60 inches
  • Equipped with accessories like chains and straps that only go with Hi-Lift
  • Lifts vehicles with ease from difficult terrain
  • Can unstick vehicles via winching
  • Fits nearly all recovery slots
  • Comes with a safety shear bolt that ensures the load would not be above the threshold
  • Has a lever that can swap from lifting to lowering easily
  • Has a safety pin that locks in place when lifting with the recovery slot in action

The Hi-Lift literally stands out from this list. The four jacks here use a press to lift vehicles up hydraulically or manually. They are smaller, can be wheeled everywhere in the garage, and sport a base that can support two to three tons of vehicle.

This jack is different because it would not fit the trunk of the car. It would be seen beside the replacement tire of an SUV like a big measuring accessory, or at the back of a pickup truck gathering moisture.

It comes in 42, 48, and 60 inches. It is also the more abused jack because it is typically exposed to rain or dirt because it does not fit standard-sized trunks. Its red may fade away due to rust and corrosion, but thankfully there are cleaning kits available.

The Hi-Lift is a rescue and retrieval device that is used when a vehicle gets stuck in a ditch. It is commonly brought along with off-road vehicles because there are a lot of obstacles and difficult terrain that a vehicle can get stuck in.

The Hi-Lift has a safety shear bolt that “prevents the jack from being used on loads greater than its threshold.” The jack can be potentially dangerous because the winch can get out of control if it slips from the recovery points of a car.

It should not be used if one just wants to replace his or her tires or inspect the brakes closer – there are better tools out there for that purpose.

Overall, the Hi-Lift is a mechanical jack that is commonly used to save vehicles from nasty situations like getting stuck in mud or tar, and not for anything else.

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T83006 SUV Service Jack – Torin


  • Long neck for easier raising
  • Lift range of six to 21 inches
  • Has an extension adapter for different cases
  • Strong hydraulics
  • Two stationary and two swerving wheels
  • Lightweight at 43.9 pounds
  • Combined height of nine inches
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Red paint finish

Torin outdid itself with the T83006. It lifts twice the maximum capacity of the Scissor Jack and has a higher reach at 21 inches. It is the perfect lifter for the SUV, hence the name SUV Service Jack.

Once again the Chinese have proven their worth in manufacturing a car jack. The T83006 is a piece of art that weighs 43.9 pounds, far lighter than other three-ton lifters in the market today. It sports the same Torin red coloration found in the Scissor Jack.

Fully hydraulic, the SUV Service Jack is also great to use on non-SUVs. It lifts like a dream and does not have any problems or shaking whatsoever.

It has a great extension head or adapter for jobs that may seem difficult without one. This is great because not all jacks have a head or adapter to help them raise the vehicle properly.

Like the rest of Torin’s jack lineup, this can be comfortably contained within any trunk. It is the type of jack that you would see in a professional automobile repair garage.

It is designed to be heavy-duty, so it can be used during emergencies like removing a punctured tire or simple automobile maintenance work like changing the oil of the engine.

The hydraulics are spot on and do not feel as if they are undergoing a lot of stress. For some, three tons is overkill for a jack’s weight threshold. That is not a problem because cars are getting bigger and bigger as time goes by.

Three tons is a safety net in case larger, heftier vehicles are made. Remember that the T83006 can lift your vehicle without any hassle on the part of the user.

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