12V DC Heavy Duty 4.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack Review


If you’ve been searching for a good floor jack, one product that you may have seen is the Dinsen 12V DC Heavy Duty 4.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack. A floor jack is often used for lifting cars, but you can use it to lift other heavy loads in your garage. They’re easy to use and widely available, which is why a lot of people have one of these in their home or shop.

So it’s well established that floor jacks are important, but which one do you choose? There are a lot of good ones, but the Dinsen 12V floor jack is one that’s gotten plenty of attention. We have examined quite a number of floor jacks, and we wanted to find out if this one is as good as the product description says.


  • The floor jack loading capacity maxes out at 4.5 tons, or 900 lbs. This makes it more powerful than other floor jacks which are limited to 4 tons only.
  • The range is from 8.6 to 20.5 inches. This is also superior to those of other floor jacks that can only handle a limited range.
  • The is compatible with the standard 12V power outlet in vehicles.
  • There is a LED red light at the front, which makes positioning easy.
  • There is a built-in safety valve, giving you sufficient protection in the event there is no power.
  • The thread rod can be adjusted. The maximum thread spin is three inches, and you can bring the cross groove saddle near the lift area.
  • There are ratcheting heads keep the device from slipping.
  • The floor jack weighs 27.5 lbs. or 12.5 kg. It is not that heavy compared to other floor jacks, which is something a lot of vehicle owners will appreciate.
  • The Dinsen Floor Jack has a 14.2″ x 6.7″ x 6.8″ packing size and its cable is 15.75’ or 4.8 meters long.
  • The jack dimensions are 15.4″ x 4.8″ x 8.27″.
  • The temperature working range is from 5 F to 140 F or -15 C 60 C.
  • The package includes the electric jack, a six angle spanner, the instruction manual, a fuse, a power cable and the battery clamp connecting cable.

This floor jack is not that hard to use, but it’s best if you read the user manual. Complete details on how to use the floor jack are provided. The process is straightforward, but the manual contains tips and suggestions for more efficient use.

It’s a good idea to disconnect the power source once you’re done using the floor jack. The Dinsen floor jack should also be handled with care to avoid damaging the unit or any of its components. Also, the rotating thread rod has to be spun prior to using it. These and other information is included in the user manual, which is why you should read it.


  • Powerful capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • LED light is conveniently placed


  • Does not come with a storage case or wench

Should You Buy It?

With so many floor jacks available, is there any particular reason why you should the Dinsen floor jack? On the surface, the Dinsen looks just like any floor jack, but it actually has many features that it apart from the rest. When you take these into account, it won’t be difficult to understand why a lot of vehicle owners like this.

The first advantage we have to point out is the loading capacity. As we mentioned earlier, its lift is good for 4.5 tons. This is more than enough for most vehicles and other heavy objects that you may have to lift. While designed for home use, the capacity of this floor jack is such that it is good enough for other tasks. If you need a quality, heavy duty floor jack, this will do.

We also have to bring up the range, as it adds a greater level of flexibility that is not present anywhere else. While floor jacks have a simple, straightforward task, the extra range can make a huge difference when you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting.

We also want to point out that its compatibility with 12V power outlets is a big plus. With this floor jack you don’t have to worry if the unit is going to run or not. Because the 12V power is widely used, getting the Dinsen to work is quick and easy.

Speaking of easy, the addition of the LED red light is a nice touch. Getting the floor jack in the right position can be difficult unless it is handled properly, so the inclusion of the light helps.

Its other features and specs like the 30A fuse, 25A/15A current and DC 12V/24V voltage goes to show how much Dinsen paid attention to compatibility. With other electric floor jacks, you have to tinker with power to make sure it’s going to work. Not here, as you just plug the floor jack in and it’s good to go.

The attention to detail is another reason why we have to give this floor jack our recommendation. The cable length for instance, is just right at 15.75 feet, not too short it will become a nuisance to use. Unless the cable is long enough, it will repent problems, so it’s another reason to like the Dinsen floor jack.


A floor jack is an essential tool in any garage. Some basic jacks are included with cars, but you need a hydraulic floor jack to really get a vehicle chassis up. There are a lot of floor jacks which claim to be able to do the job, but the Dinsen floor jack is one of the best we have seen. It’s not just easy to use, but its capabilities are comparable to more expensive, high end products.

If you have ever used a floor jack before, you know it’s not a good idea to settle for second best. Always make sure you use the best one available because of the potential risks involved. Given that scenario, there’s no reason why we can’t give our highest recommendation to the Dinsen hydraulic floor jack.

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