ATD ATD-7390 5 Ton Long Chassis Service Jack Review


Do you need a heavy duty service jack for your SUV? A quality service jack is necessary and you must never settle for a mediocre one, given how it is used. One service jack that you may want to look into is the ATD ATD-7390 5 Ton Long Chassis Service Jack. It looks like it is made for heavy duty use, but how well is it going to do when used on a regular basis?

That is why we came up with this review. We know that floor jacks have the same purpose, but the way they get it done varies, with some better than the others. Some are durable enough to be used for years, while others break down after just a few uses. We wanted to know where the ATD-7390 service jack stood in this regard, and this is what we found out.


  • This service jack has a maximum load capacity of 5 tons. This feature alone makes clear that this unit is made for heavy duty use, as other floor jacks are only capable of up 4 tons.
  • The jack measures 57 3/4″ x 17″ x 7 5/8″, which is similar to those of other products.
  • The minimum height is 7 inches, and the maximum it can reach is 27 inches. The ram extend is 5 inches and the saddle diameter is 6 ½ inches. What these features show is just how good the service jack is. Taken together these specs make operations easier and more convenient.
  • The handle length is 42 1/8 inches, making it more convenient to use than other floor jacks.
  • The ATD-7390 service jack meets the standard set by the ASME/ANSI-PALD. We don’t have to stress the need for safety in floor jacks, so its compliance with these standards says a lot about construction.
  • The floor jack uses an overload system to provide protection for the system. The ATD-7390 also has a steel gauge, heavy duty frame to ensure it does not get twisted or distorted during operation.
  • There is a foot pedal built in.
  • The jack weighs 233 lbs.

Given its features, there is no question the ATD-7390 service jack is built for heavy duty use. We do have to note this model no longer supports the ATD-7399 air motor used in previous models.

The ATD-7390 service jack is well-designed and comes with all the essential features you’d expect. But just like any other floor jack, you should use only as directed. This means you must not go over the stated capacity. Remember too the ATD-7390 should only be used on hard surfaces.


  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Has safety features built in
  • Durable frame
  • Saddle is removable


  • You need to go through the manual to make the most of it

Should You Buy It?

Yes, you should buy the ATD-7390 if you’re looking for a reliable service jack. There are a lot of reasons we can point out, beginning with the fact that the saddle is removable. We also have to stress this is suitable for both light and heavy duty work. Its 5 ton capacity obviously makes it suitable for lifting a vehicle chassis, but it’s versatile enough to be used in other ways.

For most people however, the ATD-7390 service jack is what they’ll use for an SUV or a light duty truck. A regular 4 ton service jack is going to do fine for cars, but for an SUV, you need one capable of lifting 5 tons like this one.

Aside from the high load capacity, the ATD-7390 service jack is also one of the most convenient to use. The handle valve allows for pinpoint metered control when reducing speed. Another advantage is its low center of gravity and wide stance. These two features combine to give the floor jack the stability necessary for this kind of work.

  • A service jack can only lift multiple tons if it has a solid foundation. The ATD-7390 has that, and its design keeps the jack steady even with a heavy load. The sturdy steel frame is also crucial here because it prevents twisting. A poorly made frame will distort under heavy pressure, so this is another reason to give the ATD-7390 service jack an advantage.
  • The ATD-7390 floor jack is also convenient, as the foot pedal allows for quick lifting. The steel wheels are a nice touch, making movement easier and smoother. It’s good to know they are steel and can handle the stress of heavy usage. If you need to move the service jack around a lot, you will appreciate these wheels and what they do.
  • A note about the user manual: going through manuals can be a chore, but it’s worth doing with the ATD-7390. It covers everything from the usage, maintenance, troubleshooting and other aspects. There is a detailed illustration of the jack as well as the major components. When we consider all the facts, it’s hard to find any major criticisms for this product.

When everything is taken into consideration, the ATD-7390 service jack works as well as expected. There are a lot of things we need to look at when buying one of these, and one of the most important is the build quality. The ATD-7390 is right up there in terms of reliability, so that’s a plus.


We don’t have to point out the many reasons why you need a quality floor jack. The point is if you’re going to do work on your vehicle, it better be held up by something powerful and dependable. The ATD-7390 floor jack is one that we can say really lives up to this claim. Its load capacity alone gives it the advantage over other floor jacks, to say nothing of its quality.

Overall, we can safely say the ATD-7390 is a dependable floor jack. This is one product that you will want to invest in, as it is made from quality parts and will last a lifetime. If you need to do some heavy lifting, the ATD-7390 service jack is going to be worth a look.


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