ATD ATD-7436 1 Ton Floor Style Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Transmission Jack Review


Is the ATD ATD-7436 1 Ton Floor Style Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Transmission Jack going to make your repair work easier? Moving and transporting a transmission requires a well-designed jack to avoid problems and potential injury. That’s the reason why you need a high quality transmission jack for the job.

So is the ATD 7436 up to the challenge? We have seen a number of these online, and they’re not built equally. That is why we did this review of the ATD 7436 transmission jack to verify if it is as good as it is being made out to be. We will start by looking at its features, the pros, cons and if it’s really worth buying. We have taken steps to ensure that all the relevant elements and characteristics are covered here.


  • The ATD 7436 transmission jack has a capacity of 1 ton. This is greater than those which are specified in other jacks, making this more suitable for heavy work.
  • The maximum height is 33 ½ inches and the minimum is 7 7/8 inches, giving a level of flexibility that others can’t match.
  • The saddle base measures 14 ¼ inch x 8 inches, and it has a 22 ½ inch handle. The long and comfortable handle helps when it comes to getting the transmission to work.
  • The ATD 7436 meets the safety standards set by the ASME/ANSI-PALD. This is usually the first concern of those who have never used a transmission jack, so this should be a relief.
  • The ATD 7436 transmission jack comes with an adjustable head. With its flexibility you’ll have an easier time controlling and aligning the pins.
  • The hydraulic system used is built for durability, and it is shielded by a proprietary pass system. This feature was built in specifically to prevent any internal damage to the structure.
  • There is also chain built into the ATD 7436 that works as load restrainer of sorts. This is another crucial feature because it acts as a safety feature when you are lowering or raising the transmission.
  • The ATD 7436 is equipped with specially designed metal wheels. These wheels are built for rugged use and possess swivel ball bearing casters. With these wheels, positioning is easier than ever.
  • The ATD 7436 transmission jack also comes with a 360 degree, pumping rotating socket. These have been built in to simplify operations.
  • The shipping weight is 200 lbs.


  • Construction is solid and should last a long time
  • Range is good and provides the transmission jack with flexibility
  • Meets standard safety requirements
  • Instruction manual is easy to follow


  • There are very few online reviews for this transmission jack

Should You Buy It?

There are a lot of reasons why the ATD 7436 transmission jack has gotten good feedback, and that includes the feature specs we have listed here. There is no need to cover the same ground. But we have to stress that it is these features that make the ATD 7436 a good option for heavy duty transmission work.

For many, the biggest selling point of the ATD 7436 transmission jack is its 1 ton capacity. Some transmissions are just a hundred pounds or so and can be handled by the typical jack. But if you’re dealing with a larger transmission, something more powerful is necessary.

That’s where the ATD 7436 has the edge because of its one ton capacity. There are transmissions that reach this level. If you regularly work with several hundred pound loads, you’ll need a heavy duty device that can handle this on a consistent basis. It also helps that the ATD 7436 has good range and a long handle. The handle is one of the more important features on a transmission jack, and you will realize that once you use it.

Another reason to buy this is you can use it with confidence. We say that because of its compliance with all safety standards. Pulling and moving a 1 ton transmission carries some risks, and you want to make sure you’ve got a jack that has safety features built in.

The ATD 7436 transmission jack is also convenient to use. A transmission jack with a 1000 lb. capacity is a nice feature to have, but it’s not going to help if operation is difficult. The ATD 7436 delivers here thanks to the unique components that are built into it.

One of the most impressive features is the head. Unlike those on other transmission jacks, you can adjust the head backward, do a forward tilt or set along the sides. This level of flexibility means you’ll be able to set the bolt patterns in the right alignment. Transmission work can be delicate so you’ll need to make sure the alignment is correct.

For these alone the ATD 7436 is worth checking out. However, the inclusion of a load restraining chain makes it even better. This is basically a safety feature that minimizes the risk of accidents during the lifting procedure.

We also have to give the ATD 7436 bonus points for its convenience. The wheels aren’t just smooth, but durable too. They don’t lock up and simplifies positioning, so it’s a nice addition.


The time will come when you’ll need to repair your vehicle’s transmission. Even if there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, you’ll want to inspect them on a regular basis just to make sure everything is all right. To do this right, you’re going to need a good transmission jack that can be depended upon. While cost will always be a factor, you need to consider the other elements.

The ATD 7436 is a solid transmission jack. Compared to other models in the market today, the ATD 7436 is more flexible and easy to use. The solid design is also another advantage as it’s capable of handling different types of transmission work. Even if it’s your first time to use one of these, you can have peace of mind knowing it meets the highest safety standards. After a thorough review, we have to give this our full recommendation.



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