Best Low Profile Floor Jack


Everyone wants a smooth and hassle-free drive. But what happens when your journey is interrupted by mechanical problems? You either have to become a vehicle mechanic, or have it repaired by a professional.

Working on your vehicle at home requires the proper equipment. For changing oil, rotating tires, or other under-the-vehicle maintenance, you need a proper jack to do the lifting, and keep you safe while you do the job.

We have listed some of best jacks available on the market today, which are suitable for specific cars—sports cars being a considerably low-profile vehicle. The jack you buy should do the job you need it to, keep you safe, and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Best low-profile floor jacks available on the market

Arcan’s XL2T Black Colored Steel Made Low Profile Jack

With this particular model, the Arcan low-profile jack can be lowered to a range of 2.5” and lifted up to a decent height of 24”. It can be placed under the car, thus preserving your vehicle’s side panels, because of its 32 inches long chassis.

The Arcan low-profile jack abides by the safety regulation—the 2009 ASME PALD norm. You find a universal joint release system in it, for the appropriate degree of control. Also, there is a double pump to instantly lift the vehicle.

It has a welded front axle, weighs 97lbs. and has 3/16” side plates made of steel.

80006 Professional Low Profile Aluminum Jack by JEGS

With a saddle height measuring 3 ½”, this low-profile jack brings you great ease and comfort. Its weight is on a lighter side at 49 lbs., and it is best suited for low-profile vehicles. You can make better use of it in small cars. Designed by JEGS and having a capacity of 2 tons, this aluminum jack might be the product you are looking for to add to your garage equipment.

It also has a jack skid plate to make your jack most steady, while confronting with an uneven, wear and tear surface. The jack’s design was inspired by the lightweight pit jacks used in Sprint Cup racing.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan gives you this favorite aluminum jack with nice long lasting features. The user feels at ease because of the mounted wheels and safeguard saddle. It is designed for getting under the car and in much closer contact with the ground.

No hydraulic hazards will occur as it equips itself with dust armor. Also, the dual piston allows fast rising-falling action.

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

The model claims to be capable of lifting a body as heavy as 2 tons. Being made of robust steel, it is yet very portable as it weighs just 30 pounds. It has a 14″ lift. The carry handle will let you move it with ease.

In addition, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Low Profile Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift made of Steel

Made by the Pittsburgh Automotive Company, this is a 3-ton heavy duty low-profile jack. You need not be extravagant as this one costs you less compared to other jacks with the same features. It is built with an incredible ability to lift a vehicle as heavy as 3 tons quickly, thanks to its prompt handle pump.

It is well equipped with a joint to hold your vehicle or load at heights with high precision. An extra wide wheel makes it stand still on an odd surface.

It is dent and stain free as it has foam protection. You will have a decent tight grip owing to the knurled handle. Therefore, spare a thought for the brand that strives to give you this much quality.

What to expect from an ideal jack

A trained professional knows how to get it done. A few people have suffered the consequences of not taking the proper safety precautions before working underneath their vehicles, and lost their lives as a result. So, it is especially important to read the user’s manual that comes with the jack before you actually set about using it.

Never attempt to lift a vehicle with a weight that is greater than the amount specified for the particular jack, and, always use jack stands to properly support your vehicle when working underneath it.

As far as an ideal Jack is concerned, as mentioned earlier, it should be as good lowering your vehicle or load as it is in lifting it.

A 24″ lifting of a 3-ton object is said to be excellent, especially from a low-profile jack. A tight grip is another feature that enhances the sell.

Maintenance affects the beauty of cars, and this is what a customer dislikes most in tools like jacks. Thus, go clean, go safe and for this, go for a jack with a dust guard arrangement. So keep this in mind too.

Be safe, economical and smart while ordering these tools because these are not the things you want to have to purchase again and again; you should have zero regrets after with the purchase of a jack for a low-profile car. And you want a jack that is going to perform as advertised, and keep you safe while you are working beneath your vehicle.

Don’t rely too much on online shopping

Yes, the era is hi-tech but it has its limitations. Jacks are meant to be tested in a physical practice, not to be added to an online cart. Spare your online shop desires for more delicate objects, because you need to be sure the jack you are buying is going to provide safety, as well as durability.






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