Finding The Right Low Profile Jack


It is a fact that the market is full of jacks available for sale, and they may claim to offer a range of applications. However, the Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jackstands out in the crowd with its innovative design. The compact, yet sturdy look of the jack has been appreciated by many.

If you are having trouble finding the right jack, then worry not because there is a great solution to your problem. The Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack– 2 Ton capacity is one of the best floor jacks on the market. It is the right fit for your car, offering a high lifting range. The jack is one of a kind with its innovative design and features, and will be a classy addition to your tools.

The jack has proven to be quite a dependable tool. It works in a variety of situations. Even with the accentuated design, the functionality of the jack has not been compromised on any criteria.

Major features of the Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

The Arcan XL2T is just the perfect low profile steel service jack with a 2-ton capacity. The features are:

  • Height range lies between 2.75 to 24 inches
  • It has two piece handle, along with a rubber pad.
  • It has a 32-inch extra-long chassis
  • Dual pump has been provided for heavy and quick lifting.
  • The jack’s universal release mechanism for joints ensure precision control.
  • Complies with ASME PALD 2009 standards.
  • The Arcan jack is a slender, elongated jack with extraordinary capabilities. Its high durability and long lasting nature are few of the remarkable characteristic of this jack.
  • IT has a simple and low-profile design making it user friendly, allowing users to slide it under any vehicle.
  • Significantly lower price than every other model in the competition.
  • The user friendliness and the design are such to encourage easy use even by women. The model is designed as per the 2009 ASME PALD standards. The standard is one of the highest regulations in the industry for lifting machinery.

The perfect lifting range

The Arcan can at any time lift up to 24 inches for any automobile. Thus, this one jack can be a tool for many applications. It gives enough height for a person to comfortably roll under the body.

Before use, it should be checked that the weight of the vehicle to be lifted is within with the approved weight allowed for this jack.

Heavy lifting work made easier with the dual pump system

The manufacturer has included the dual pump system in the jack. It allows for quick lifting of any vehicle as quickly as possible, to access the area beneath the automobile. This is one unique feature, which most of the jacks in the market lack today.

Perfect companion for low-profile automobiles

With a lot of vehicles with low profiles on the road these days, it’s become extremely difficult to find the appropriate jack for these cars. The Arcan XL2Twill help in working under low-profile vehicles.


Materials used to make the Arcan X2T

The durability and the sturdiness of the Arcan are due to the materials employed for its construction, i.e. steel. The steel body and build ensure that it is strong enough for the appropriate working conditions and situations.

To raise and hold heavy loads, such as that of a vehicle, an extremely strong jack is required. This 2-ton low-profile Arcan X2T does just that, and a lot more.


  • Built according to the ASME PALD standards, one of the leading standards in the industry
  • The dual pump system ensures the lifting process is accurate as well as quick, for both light and heavyweight vehicles
  • The design is compact
  • With the upper limit of the lifting range being 24 inches, the jack can be employed to lift almost any car
  • It uses modern technology, like the dual pump system, and is innovatively designed for easy use.


  • Although extremely handy to use, this jack is bit of weighty in itself—it weighs 100 pounds, so it may not be easily carried around in a car’s trunk.
  • Regular vigilance for maintenance is needed to ensure maximum working capabilities.

Maintaining the Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

The Arcan XL2T is a maximum-performance service jack which will survive your garage for years, with the right and timely maintenance requirements. You have to be make sure that the jack is regularly inspected to ensure its maximum workability.

The regular inspection is done to recognize any arising functioning issue in the jack and for rectification of any issues. With the following maintenance tips, the jack will be as perfect as ever.

  • The hinge joints of the jack have to be lubricated regularly with good quality grease.
  • The body of the jack has to be inspected for any signs of excessive wear.
  • If any wear is noticed, it should immediately be serviced to ensure no failure of the jack.
  • Replace the parts of excessive wear, if required.


Alternatives that you may want to look into if you have a different set of requirements are the Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack, the Sunex 6602lp Lowrider Service Jack, or the JEGS 80006 Professional 2-Ton Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack.


The Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack has more pros than cons. It ensures maximum performance and safety. Now all your low profile cars can be easily lifted with this one. So don’t wait on anymore to get this jack.

You’ll have absolutely no regrets with this jack which is by far one of the best floor jacks available on the market.

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