Floor Jack Brands


Floor Jack Brands

Floor jacks, also known as car jacks, auto jacks, and garage jacks are equipment used to lift and support heavy loads. They often serve this purpose so mechanics can take a peek underneath a vehicle to work on its components below.

The mechanism used to raise the vehicle off the ground is called the hydraulic. With manual pumps, you can prop up the car and keep it there for as long as you want without having to worry about manual carrying.

There are different types of floor jacks to suit the different situations vehicles get into. The hydraulic floor jack is the most common variation which includes a hydraulic cylinder which is used to raise or lower the load from and to the ground.

The scissor jack which comes with many vehicles is used for quick maintenance, such as lifting one corner of the car to replace the wheels. The bottle jack consists of concentric cylinders that are pumped with a level to elevate the vehicle as high as possible.

Though there are many floor jack models that are more recognizable than others, let us take a look at the different brands that manufacture this useful equipment and differentiate their designs and priorities.


Torin has a massive collection of different floor jacks. The majority of the models they put out in the market are hydraulic jacks and scissor jacks.

Most customers go for Torin if they need something affordable, but reliable and rightfully so, since Torin attempts to fit in as much functionality while costing as low as possible in comparison to other floor jack brands.

They try to go for the highest amount of lift height, unlike other brands that try to attract the low profile car owners. Most of the floor jack models from Torin are constructed with aluminum and steel which makes for durable equipment that can last many uses.


Powerzone tries to be the middle ground in all of the floor jack brands. Unlike the Torin, it does not try to cram in too many features, but for what it has, it excels.

All of their models are of top quality and are known to stand the test of time. Powerzone is even said to be a secondhand friendly brand, since car owners who look for a floor jack do not hesitate to buy a pre-owned Powerzone model.

They prioritize safety. This is evident when you look at the padding to protect the frame of the vehicle and safety valves to prevent accidents from harming the mechanics.

Built to last, Powerzone focuses on what features their models have while staying competitive in terms of pricing.


Arcan, for lack of a better term, is the powerhouse of the floor jack market right now. Every model they put in excels in overall quality. Sturdy, stable, versatile, and most of the time, portable.

Their floor jacks are in demand for casual car enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike. Their aluminum floor jacks are almost always sold out when first released, and most of those models are frequently given high ratings in review websites and magazines.

You do get what you pay for with the Arcan, but that is if you are willing to pay top money for top quality. Most models cater to cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even trucks. Arcan floor jacks are known to be very sturdy and reliable with great attention to the safety of the car and the car owner.

These three are the top floor jack brands right now, and you cannot go wrong when buying a model from any of them. They cater to different needs and types of vehicles, situations, and people in the automobile industry.

We hope this guide helped introduce you to the top brands of floor jack to help you decide which one you will pick up and purchase from the store.


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