Floor Jacks for Lowered Cars


Floor Jacks for Lowered Cars

If you have a vehicle that is very close to the ground like lowered vehicles, show cars or sports cars, then you will need a jack that will be able to fit underneath them.

It should also have the stability and power to lift them high enough for you to do your maintenance work.

Many top grade floor jacks for lowered cars provide this feature while maintaining durability and longevity, but you have to know what extra features you want before you purchase a model for your tool set.

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a floor jack for lowered cars such as the market price, versatility, strength, durability, and longevity of the model.

It is understandable that you want to get the most functionality for your money. This guide will exhibit some great models of floor jacks that are compatible with lowered vehicles and help you pick out the features that you desire more.

The first one that comes to mind is the Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack. It sustains a good amount of weight while maintaining the capability to go underneath lowered cars and other vehicles.

It lets you change your oil, replace the brake pad, and other mechanic duties with relative ease. The heavy-duty steel construction of this floor jack lifts and supports the load in a stable and secure manner.

The central grip handle is there which makes this floor jack a good companion for a mechanic on the go. This model is hydraulic powered which means it does not take too much effort to lift your car.

It is known to be safe and sturdy. You will be able to focus on your car since this floor jack is really hands off other than the setup.

The Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack has an impressive lift capacity of 3 tons. This floor jack is especially great for lowered cars since it has a 3-3/4 inch minimum lift height, that fits well underneath low profile vehicles.

It has wide track front wheels, and ball-bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels that give you total control of this floor jack. Once the load is lifted, it keeps it stable there without damaging the car’s frame and finish thanks to the saddle pad.

It also has thick frame side plates and a reinforced lift arm. These are all necessary for that extra versatility that you always have to look for with floor jacks. Its chassis has torsion control that gives it durability.

One of the most interesting features of this floor jack is the dual pump piston system that lifts the load with the least amount of effort, and least amount of time.

This is great if you get stuck in traffic and need to pull over to the side as soon as possible, or just need to do a quick checkup of the parts underneath your car.

Last but not the least is the Pittsburgh Automotive Aluminum Racing Jack. It has a similar rapid pump system with the previous model, but what makes this particular floor jack stand out is its compact size.

You will be able to store this floor jack in a small toolkit and bring it along with you without the need for a bulky storage. It is constructed with a sturdy setup of aircraft aluminum billet.

The gnarled aluminum handle increases the stability of the grip. This floor jack uses a universal joint release mechanism that lets it lift the load as fast as possible.

It also has precision control over the load. Targeted for usage by members of a pit crew, casual car enthusiasts, and professional mechanics alike will find this floor jack for lowered cars a great addition to their mechanic tool set.

In conclusion, you have a lot of things to consider when buying a floor jack for lowered cars. Some are designed to be as sturdy as possible while suffering in terms of portability.

Others lack the load capacity while prioritizing versatility with the different types of vehicles it will be compatible with.


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