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The Hi-Lift is a must for every off-road adventure and vehicle that takes the literally beaten path.

The Hi-Lift Jack is a potent winch clamp connector that can lift 7,000 pounds of vehicle out of a ravine it has fallen into or remove its tires when stuck in the mud as a result of changing terrain.

It is a winch that comes in 42, 48, and 60 inches and can lift any vehicle provided it has a recovery slot or contact point. It may be difficult to set up, especially when winching, because you need a stable and steady object to keep the vehicle from sliding off or feeling unstable.

The multi-talented Hi-Lift Jack comes in red and is equipped with a shearing bolt to prevent untoward incidents if it disconnects accidentally or encounters a technical problem. For more information, check out the features of the Hi-Lift below.


  • Winch clamp connector lifts even the heaviest vehicles
  • Can lift 7,000 pounds
  • Comes in 42, 48, and 60-inches
  • Equipped with accessories like chains and straps that only go with Hi-Lift
  • Lifts vehicles with ease from difficult terrain
  • Can get vehicles unstuck via winching
  • Fits nearly all recovery slots
  • Comes with a safety shear bolt that ensures the load will not be above the threshold
  • Has a lever that can swap from lifting to lowering easily
  • Has a safety pin that locks in place when lifting with the recovery slot in action

This is not meant for regular mechanical operations on your vehicle. The Hi-Lift is designed to unearth vehicles stuck in a trench or ravine. It has a winch that is powerful enough to lift a vehicle up to 7,000 pounds.

The Hi-Lift is a rescue and retrieval tool that pulls a car from difficult situations.

It is a long red jack that was made to satisfy the needs of professionals and mountaineering nuts who love to take their vehicles out to play. This should be a requirement for people who love to drive on sneaky terrain where it can be unstable and require a winch and brute force to escape once stuck in.

It is a tried and tested device that major motoring companies use for their 4×4’s when stuck in the mud or on the rocks. Simply locate the contact point and crank the jack up toward it. Just be sure you know that you are lifting with the tool properly.


This is the only winch wrench designed to remove a car that is stuck in the terrain. It has a powerful winch that clamps down to raise the vehicle up, which can accommodate tremendous amounts of force.

It comes in three flavors – 42, 48, and 60 inches – and is super sleek that it fits the rear end of a pickup truck or SUV.

A safety bolt is present so that the threshold of the tool will not be reached easily. You can lift more than three tons with the Hi-Lift, which matches any type of vehicle that has a contact point.

This is not meant for simple swapping out of tires or mags, but is a rescue tool that helps stuck vehicles on the road to run again.


The Hi-Lift attracts a lot of rust and is exposed to the elements frequently. It cannot fit inside the trunk of your car without ripping through objects in it due to its size. It can be quite long for a jack.

It is commonly seen beside the rear door of an SUV or erect on a pickup’s bumper so it does not become a nuisance to the users.

The Hi-Lift’s handle bar can go out of control when handled improperly, slamming up and down to distribute force throughout the entire jack. It can be difficult to crank the arm as well if you are not used to heavier weights and frequent movement.


There is no other tool that can get your vehicle unstuck like the Hi-Lift Jack. Nothing can save your vehicle better than the Hi-Lift. Its winch and clamp can lock down any vehicle with ease, as long as it does not slip from the vehicle hoisted in the air.


Do not buy this jack if your intention is just to replace your tire or inspect damage. If ever you are going out to lift another vehicle normally, try other floor jacks that are in the market today.

You should buy the Hi-Flit if you are going on a trip that has a lot of mountains and difficult terrain that offers a great possibility of the car getting stuck somewhere.

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