HS Garage Essentials© Heavy Duty 5-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack Review


When we mention the words bottle jack, the first thing that comes to mind are those large devices used to lift objects weighing several tons like cars and light trucks. But what if you want a heavy duty bottle jack that’s portable and reliable? One possible answer is the HS Garage Essentials© Heavy Duty 5-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack. It looks small, but according to the product description, it has a solid capacity.

Of course it is easy for any product to say this or that, which is a why it is necessary to conduct a review. We have years of experience using bottle jacks of all kinds, shapes and sizes, so the question is, does the HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack live up to the hype or are you better off using another product?


  • The bottle jack is made from solid materials, ensuring that it is built for heavy duty use and will last a long time.
  • The lifting range for this bottle jack is 3 ½ to 23 5/8 inches. This is greater than the standard used by other bottle jacks, and is testament to the device’s built.
  • The iron base is oversized and made for heavy duty use. It also has a cast handle socket and the saddle is forged steel.
  • The package includes a plastic case. The case is solidly made and makes it convenient to transport and bring with you anywhere.
  • The HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack weighs just 5 lbs. This makes it one of the lightest bottle jacks sold today.
  • The capacity of this bottle jack is 10,000 pounds and this is just about right for cars. If you own a typical car, this is the type of bottle jack that you will find useful.
  • This bottle jack was designed so that it’s more comfortable to use and carry around. The portable nature of this jack also means you don’t have to worry about how to transport this jack when you’re on the road.
  • The HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack uses a manual hydraulic pump system. With this design, the ram is able to extend in consistent and smooth increments, ensuring full control over the load.
  • The bottle jack body is made of steel, and the finish consists of enamel that is 100% resistant to rust. This construction is fortified by its steel base. The steel base is one piece, providing the unit with the stability necessary for bottle jacks to work.
  • The bottle jack has a detachable pump handle that provides the leverage necessary for optimum performance. You can take the handle apart so it is easy to store.
  • The HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack meets the standards set by the ASME, ensuring it is safe to use on vehicles.


  • This jack is very light
  • Versatile enough to be used on different vehicles
  • Durable built
  • Easy to use


  • Impractical for those who will lift only light objects

Should You Buy It?

With so many bottle jacks in the market, a product must have special features to make it stand out from the rest. The HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack does and for many reasons.

  • The most obvious benefit of this bottle jack is its 10,000 lb. lifting capacity. 10,000 lbs. is good enough to lift most cars. There are bottle jacks that can lift several tons more, but if you just drive a regular vehicle, there’s no need to buy those. And really, 10,000 lbs. is not just for cars: this bottle jack is capable of servicing light trucks, trailers and other off road vehicles.
  • Another benefit is its portability. There are a few bottle jacks with similar specs like this, but it’s hard to find a 5 lb. bottle jack with this kind of durability. There are a lot of other features on the HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack, but the 10,000 lb. capacity and 5 lb. weight is often more than enough for a lot of buyers.
  • A lot of thought also went into the design, and it’s most evident with the profile. You can use this bottle jack is as narrow as space as 23 5/8 inches high and 3 ½ inches narrow. With this versatility, you can use the bottle jack in different ways.
  • Durability: one of the most important elements that make up a good bottle jack is long term efficiency. If the bottle jack can’t last, then it’s not good for much. Fortunately, the HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack is one of the best in its range.

We have to again consider the construction of this jack. It is easy to dismiss the HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack because of its weight. However, it is actually more durable than others like it. Not only does it meet the ASME standards, but it also easy to store and manage.

When it comes to bottle jacks, you have to look at the various aspects such as the clearance, versatility and quality. You’re going to use the bottle jack mostly for vehicles, but it is also ideal for moving and loading other heavy objects like engine and concrete slabs. Bottom line: there are a lot of bottle jacks in the market today, but this is one of the best available today.


Some manufacturers tend to overstate the capabilities of their products. You’re familiar with the story; the product makes an impressive claim, you are enticed to buy and then the product fails to live up to the hype. With a bottle jack however, the importance of living up to its claims is more important than usual because of what they’re designed to do.

The HS Garage Essentials Bottle Jack is one of those that actually does what you expect it to. It is easy to be skeptical when you look at its size compared to others. However, our review shows that it is as good as claimed and that it really a heavy duty bottle jack. For these reasons, we have to give this bottle jack our highest recommendation.


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