Larin LJJS-2 Floor Jack with Jack Stand 2-Ton Capacity


A floor jack is an essential tool to have for the vehicles in your garage. It helps to manually or hydraulically lift the automobile off the ground, safely and securely, for changing tires, servicing, and more.

The Larin LJJS-2 Floor Jack with Jack Stand 2-Ton Capacity is a combination offered by Larin Corporation. The company prides itself in continuously innovating and improving in hardware and equipment in the automotive fields.

Larin products are designed to sustain and endure heavy duty lifting. They are committed to providing excellence in their quality products.

How to select a floor jack

Selecting a trolley jack for your personal use is not an easy job. With so many different makes and models available in the market, each has its own characteristics and advantages, choosing the right one becomes difficult.

Question to ask when searching for the right floor jack

  • Is your requirement for a heavy duty floor Jack that is high on the heavy lifting scale or do you want a compact and light model?
  • How about the height that the Jack can? Do you need one that can lift higher or a low profile one work?
  • What about what it is made of, steel or aluminum?

Different kinds of car floor jacks

Jacks are primarily categorized as hydraulic and mechanic

Both kinds are made to facilitate the action of simply moving or turning a handle or screw which can convert into a force that allows the vehicle to be lifted up easily.

Hydraulic floor jack

Pressure chambers, piston, and hydraulic fluids are used in a hydraulic floor jack. The Larin 2-ton jack is a typical example of a hydraulic jack.

  • Piston jacks are shaped like a bottle and have no turning wheels, unlike a mechanical jack. They are very effective in converting the inputting action into superior lifting motion and force. Certain multi-piston stoked hydraulic jacks can raise the vehicle in 3-5 turns only! Unlike a mechanical jack, this kind of hydraulic floor jacks requires less effort.
  • Trolley jacks are ungainly. Their weight and size are due to innumerable levers to enable it for superlative lifting height.

Mechanical car jacks

The key to working a mechanical Jack is simple machinery and mechanical advantage. It is the kind that typically comes with the car’s road emergency kit.

Their major advantages over a hydraulic floor jack are:

  • They are small in size
  • They don’t weigh much
  • They don’t require much maintenance

Scissor jacks are the most commonly known and used mechanical jacks. The mechanism works by rotating a single screw, which then helps to lift the vehicle. The major disadvantage of using this type of jack is the proportion of effort it requires to turn the screw. It takes a minimum of 20-30 turns to finally raise the vehicle off the ground.

Another problem is the base of the mechanical jack. Because of its narrow base, it is unstable, unlike a trolley hydraulic floor jack.

What important characteristics should be considered before buying a floor jack?

There are quite a few key features that should be taken into account before buying a car jack.

  • The most significant factor of all is the lifting capability of the jack. Before buying one, you need to know the maximum weight that particular Jack can carry. The rule of thumb, in this case, is that the floor jack lifting capacity should exceed the total load of the car. The jack won’t be used to lift the whole vehicle, but matching the capacity with its weight would ensure the user’s safety.
  • Also remember, that the floor jack’s actual functional capacity is invariably below than the maximum advertised capacity
  • Aluminum or steel is the material of choice when making the car jacks. Since steel jacks are heavy, they are ideal to be used and stored in a garage. For a car breakdown emergency kit, aluminum jacks are ideal.
  • Floor jacks are made with a specific design profile which depends on how close the car’s hood and body are to the ground. Low-slung sports cars use a low-profile jack that allows easy slide under the car. The other type is a standard profile.
  • Every car jack comes with a differing lifting radius and minimum height. In case of a low-on-the-ground car or cars with huge tires, it is recommended to get a car Jack with higher lifting range.
  • Every jack takes its own minimum and maximum number of times it needs to be rotated or moved, to be able to fulfil its purpose. To minimize the lifting speed of the Jack, it should be either a quick-fill type or one with two pistons.

Larin 2 Ton Floor Jack and Jack Stand

  • This is a hydraulic jack with a precision valve that facilitates a smooth and equal release.
  • To prevent rusting of the tool there is a powder coating. It is perfect for garage use because of its heavy duty, swivel and steel caster wheels.
  • The stand has a gradual upwards mechanism and a unitized support structure. The Larin jack lifting capacity is maximum 4,000 pounds.
  • It measures 18” X 12” X 8”
  • Weighs 30.1 pounds.

The last stand

Be sure to go through the guide to safe lifting that gives out tips on how to safely use the Larin Floor Jack and Jack Stand. Using this product in the correct manner is about ensuring personal safety. Nobody wants to get hurt while changing your oil.

The best way to make your decision on the best jack for your needs is to be informed of all the choices in great detail. Don’t miss out on any models or variations. Compare them with what it is you require. Then you can select the car jack and its stand that is best for your needs and budget.





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