Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack


A floor jack, commonly known as an auto jack or garage jack, is a type of mechanical device that employs hydraulics or lead screws to lift hefty weights. Before buying a low-profile floor jack, you need to do your homework about the right product to buy. A number of things must be kept in mind with respect to the type of automobile you have, its ground clearance, the quality of material used in manufacturing the floor jack, its durability, safety quotient, and overall value for money.

Liftmaster Ltd.

Liftmaster Ltd. is a family-run business in Alton, Hampshire, which is gaining wide-spread popularity. It was established in 1985 as South Eastern Tools Ltd.

With over thirty years of experience in the garage equipment business, it has carved a niche for itself in the market, providing a wide range of high-quality vehicle lifts.

The company is well known for producing quality products, while also catering to the needs and doubts of their clients through an efficient customer support staff. Another plus is that their products are economical.

Liftmaster’s latest offering—the Low Profile Floor Jack

Liftmaster offers a variety of vehicle lifts, MOT equipment, and other garage equipment. Here, they have come up with the latest low-profile floor jack with a 2.5-tonne capacity.

In order to analyse the features of this product, let us first acquaint ourselves with the meaning, uses and various aspects of a floor jack.

Understanding the meaning of a floor jack

In simple words, a floor jack refers to any mechanical device which is used to lift heavy materials like automobiles, mostly through the application of hydraulics.

Floor jacks, as such, can be used in a variety of ways, but the lifting of vehicles tops all the other uses. The most common instances when you will require a device like a floor jack are when you want to access the oil pan drain plug or when you want to change or rotate the tyres.

A floor jack can be used by both amateurs and professionals, although a thorough understanding of the safety measures that need to be used, and the exact methods to use the device is required.

There are various types of floor jacks like the hydraulic floor jack that uses a hydraulic cylinder with a detachable lever, which requires pumping to lift the vehicle.


Let’s have a look at the distinct features of this floor jack to get a clear understanding of it.

  • The first and foremost feature is mentioned right in the product name. It is best suited for vehicles with the capacity to lift an automobile with a range of 3.15 inches to 14.5 inches above the ground. Thus, no matter what is the ground clearance of your vehicle, if it is 3.15 inches or higher, then using this floor jack is possible.
  • It comes with a built-in capacity of 2 tonnes that makes it compatible to lift a wide variety of vehicles, thus reaching a wider customer base. Most of the vehicles come within this category and therefore, compatibility is not a great issue.
  • It helps in easy manoeuvring and makes the task less cumbersome due to the high-end technology used in creating it. So now, changing the oil, or rotating tyres becomes a cake walk.
  • It boasts of heavy duty steel construction that promises all its buyers long-term durability.
  • To prevent the danger of over pumping, it comes with a distinctive bypass device, and with its unique safety valve feature, this low profile floor jack protects against the excess load.

Technical aspects of the Liftmaster Low Profile Floor Jack

  • This 2.5-tonne low profile floor jack weighs 28.4 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the product are 23.2” x 9.4” x 6.5”.
  • Its ASIN is B01GJ9LYK0 and
  • Shipping weight is 28.4 pounds.

What do existing customers say?

Stars—4 out of 5

Most customers have positively reviewed the low-profile floor jack. Some pointed towards the importance of handling the hydraulic valve necessary for the smooth gliding of the vehicle. They were also surprised to see the small wheels doing such an efficient job of controlling the floor jack. Many also appreciated the product with respect to its value for money.

However, one customer was visibly upset as his floor jack broke at first use. As many have reviewed the product positively, the product gets an overall rating of four out of five.

Why should you consider buying this low profile automotive repair device?

Liftmaster is a trusted brand and as it comes with an ever-helpful customer support staff.

The second reason why this is of good value is because it is durable and sturdy. This means that you will not need to replace your low-profile floor jack—once you buy this product, you can you don’t have to worry about replacing it for quite a long time.

It’s easy to manoeuvre and that makes it a good alternative to other lifting devices. Its unique bypass device is another feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

One of the best on the market

No doubt, the Liftmaster’s Low Profile Floor Jack is one of the most reliable devices and as it uses hydraulics, it is also safer and less burdensome to use.

It helps you move the vehicle to a height of up to 14.5 inches from a mere 3.5 inches. But remember to use it with jack stands to make them safer to use as there is nothing more important than your life. It also protects you from damages of over pumping, thus making it superior in quality to other devices. You do not need to be a professional to use this device.

Overall, the Liftmaster Low Profile Floor Jack is a decent product manufactured by a reputable firm which has its customers’ welfare in mind.


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