Liftmaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


There is always a ton of work left to do at home or work. This work pressure may start to get to you sometimes. But do not despair, the Liftmaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is here to help you tackle your biggest lifting chores.

Product overview

The Liftmaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack provides a speedy lift system for material like automobiles, for rotating tires or changing oil. It can be easily used to do hardcore jobs at a garage or automobile shop. Additionally, the product is easy to store and makes a good addition to your garage, giving it a more efficient as well as sophisticated look all in all.

The superior quality high grade steel body makes the jack durable and sturdy in nature. This guarantees a long life span for the product, and it can thus withstand heavy-duty work in and around your garage. You can use it over the years for many odd jobs and save a lot of money by doing auto repairs and other chores for yourself, instead of approaching a mechanic and spending extra money for their services.

Extendable screws can be safely worked with, giving the product a flexibility that may not be available in most other jacks. Usage is comfortable, due to the existence of a comfortable range of lifting. The maximum lifted height you can attain with this jack is an impressive 12.6”.



The special features of the Liftmaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack are what make it so appealing to both users and buyers.

  • Smooth working action pressure pump
  • Steel body with superior quality
  • Safely extendable screw heads
  • Lift capacity of 4 tons
  • Lift range: 7.68” to 12.6”
  • ANSI certified
  • Step by step easy to understand user manual provided
  • Affordable price
  • Hassle free shipping to your doorstep
  • Easily available online
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to store


This garage jack is quite a handy tool, be it in your home, garage or workspace. Its pros make it more interesting and a better choice than the other competitors in the market.

  • Action pressure pump of the jack works smoothly, leading to less exertion on the part of the user.
  • The superior quality body of the jack is made of steel, ensuring that it can withstand pressure and rough usage.
  • The product is durable and sturdy in nature.
  • The 4-ton lift capacity of the jack gives it an edge over other types of garage jacks available on the market.
  • Its sleek design and easy to use mechanism make it a worthy addition to your array of tools and equipment at home or work.
  • Screw heads are safely extendable, giving you a hassle free work experience, and ease in performing tasks.
  • The high range of lift capacity of this jack is what makes it a preferable choice on the market.
  • The garage jack is extremely affordable and comes at almost half the price of similar models available on the market.
  • You could use it for regular servicing of cars and other vehicles at your own home, instead of having to take your vehicle to the shop and pay a mechanic to do the work for you.


Though the jack has many good and interesting pros to support its usage, it still has a few disadvantages as a garage jack. Here are a few of them:

  • There have been a few complaints regarding the downward movement of the jack by some customers. Apparently, it sometimes gets stuck on the way down.
  • The garage jack does not come in many colors and so may not be that compatible with the looks of your home or garage workspace.
  • It is not that open to customization or personalization, so it loses out a sizeable chunk of consumers due to the inflexibility of product size and shape, and even design.
  • There are bigger and better garage jacks available on the market for higher prices that can do the job more efficiently, according to some users

Product quality

The product has been given numerous good reviews. Overall the jack has a 5-star rating, mostly due to its affordability and efficiency. Consumers confess to using the product since it comes at basically half the price of the other garage jacks on the market, and it is yet very close to their working efficiency.

The online sellers provide a 2-3 month worth warranty for the product, within which time you could get it serviced or even return it and get a refund on the product. Its sleek design and convenient storage provide an added incentive for its usage, according to users and buyers.

The jack is easily available online and can be purchased without any hassle.


The Liftmaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack seems to have caught the attention of many buyers over recent years. More and more people are flocking to buy this jack which is extremely popular now due to its very affordable price. The online sellers also provide an impressive warranty period for this product.

This garage jack has the most exceptional features that come in handy while performing chores around your home or garage. It is easy to use, convenient to store looks good in your garage among your other equipment, and it comes at a very affordable price. Get this jack for your own garage and notice the difference in your work life. Small repair jobs will just be a bottle jack away.

Overall it has a sounding review and rating of 5 stars; that makes it an appealing choice out of the many other garage jacks available on the market. It is durable, efficient, affordable and economic, and it is the perfect addition to your garage. Try it today and give us your own reviews about the product to help us serve you better.



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