Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand


Bottle jacks are, in the simplest of definitions, a type of hydraulic jack. In spite of being very compact in nature, they are strong enough to withhold any weight that it is put on it.

The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack is quite the regular bottle jack with extraordinary capabilities. It is easy to be carried, and hence may be used in the time of need.

Why are people buying jacks?

the recession, we don’t know. But there are reasons why people are buying bottle jacks these days.

  • Conveniently portable
  • Comparatively easy to use
  • Wide a wide array of functions

Everything you need to know about the Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack

The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack is one of the most dependable tools fit for most lifting purposes. It is built to exceed set tool standards. The features of this extraordinary tool are:

  • Wide steel base for ensuring stability under load
  • Combined jack stand, and bottle jack in a single unit
  • Safety locks to stabilize jack
  • Height range: 11 inches to 21 inches
  • Safety bar locks at any desired level of height
  • Perfect for automobiles, as well as other purposes in the construction industry

The right range for your vehicle

It is necessary to find the appropriate jack for the appropriate vehicle. The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack has a wide height range to offer its users; the range lies between 11 and 21 inches.

Sometimes the settings need to be adjusted to go with one’s requirements. The design enables you to makes the changes you might need just before use.

Safety is the key

Where heavy machinery and automobiles are concerned, there should be enough safety precautions to avoid any chances of a mishap. The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack has built-in safety lock system, which ensures the lifted vehicle is held in one position. It prevents the jack from slipping back as the pressure on it increases.

You should always make sure the objects to be lifted are within the specified limits—in the case of the Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack, the limit is 3 tons.

The company ensures that enough safety precautions are taken for the jack to be safe yet functioning. The safety lock is one such feature.

Is it stable enough?

It is necessary for the base of the jack to be wide enough to ensure the necessary support and stability required to lift a vehicle. The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack delivers this quite well.

It has a wide steel base which enhances the working capabilities of the jack; if a wide base is not provided, the jack may not stay in position due to the weight of the vehicle. Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack’s steel base avoids any such possibilities.

Capable of multiple applications

In a world where everything is modular or reusable, we need tools that are suitable for specific needs. The Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack is extremely versatile. The jack can be used for a wide range of vehicles from SUVs to sedans and others weighing up to 3 tons.

Other than that, the jack can also be used for applications like construction work, framing, and joint floor work. There are few other companies that can claim to possess such immense capabilities.   For any lifting purpose, the Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack is the best choice.


  • Exceeds given standards for jacks
  • Unique design according to user’s perception
  • Can be used for a variety of lifting applications other than vehicles
  • Extremely solid base which provides the best support for lifting
  • Safety lock ensures further safety during use


  • It’s not the fanciest looking product on the market
  • It requires timely maintenance to ensure best results.

How to maintain the Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack

Although the jack is strong enough to withhold the specified pressure and weight, rough use and no maintenance can lead to the device being damaged. For maintenance, the following set of instructions is to be followed  . For additional information, read the Powerbuilt Jack Manual.

  • Reduce friction by using lubricants on the jack
  • Regularly monitor to ensure that the levels of oil are not lower than the recommended levels mentioned
  • Refill oil and lubricants when low levels are registered
  • Store the jack in a proper way
  • Avoid keeping the jack in areas of excessive dampness and dust.
  • In the case of a major problem, contact a professional for help
  • Avoid rusting by keeping the device away from water/moisture

Alternative products

There might be some people with a different set of requirements. So here is an alternative suggestion:


With such a wide range of height, this is a great choice for a jack, especially with qualities such as being capable of being used for other objects than vehicles. Some applications suggest that the jack can be used in an industrial setting, especially in the construction industry.

With these many of advantages, there’s no reason not to make the  Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack a new addition to your tools.




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