Powerzone 380044 by Milestone Tools


The Powerzone 380044 is one of the heaviest car jacks sold today. It can lift an exceptional three tons and is an expected member of a professional garage. It looks the part, too.

Milestone Tools ensure that the total weight of this hydraulic car jack does not prove to be a negative aspect of the product for the operator. It has four wheels that make moving the 59-pound car jack easier in the garage.

The 380044 is an aluminum floor jack that uses hydraulics better than the competition, proving to be more fluid than the rest. This is good because you know it is capable of lifting a vehicle without encountering a hiccup. The nearly-perfect tool’s features can be viewed below.


  • Body of the jack is a lightweight aluminum frame that makes lifting easy
  • Weight threshold is 3 tons or 6,000 pounds
  • Uses hydraulics instead of a manual lever
  • Has a safety valve that warns the person if the jack is already overloading
  • Equipped with a steel lifting arm that makes lifting much easier
  • Has rubber padding to avoid damaging the frame of the lifted vehicle
  • Comes with two stationary front wheels and two swiveling rear wheels for greater mobility
  • Silver paint finish
  • Weighs 59.1 pounds

This is one of the jacks that you do not need to refer to the car manual before buying it. The 380044 does not have a preferred brand and can work with almost any car make and brand.

You will not think twice if you see its weight capacity at three tons. There are few vehicles in the market that go above the 6,000-pound mark so weight is not an issue.

If you are carrying the Powerzone by hand, the tool can become heavy. It won’t destroy your arms but, at nearly 60 pounds, it can be troublesome to carry especially if you are not at the peak of your health. Let the wheels roll the tool in your garage so it becomes much easier to move.

It may be heavy but it’s not difficult to have one in your trunk. Its weight won’t bog down the car and its performance. The Powerzone fits snugly in any size of trunk and is small enough to fit in small corners if you are going to store it away for a while.


Safety is a big issue when dealing with heavyweight equipment and the content they are lifting. Milestone Tools installed a safety valve to warn users about potential overloading.

This safety mechanism is spot on, which triggers if the total weight of the car being lifted is above 6,000 pounds.

The aluminum floor jack protects the vehicle being lifted from scratches caused by the pull of gravity and weight spread. It has rubber padding that reduces the possibility of damage caused by the jack.


Consider the nearly 60-pound tool important in your garage because it can lift up to three tons over your head without the risk of it falling down. Though it is capable of lifting weight excellently, you might want to consider other options if you are looking for something portable.

It’s great as a stay-in your garage. But rolling out of the trunk for an emergency and rolling it back in can be difficult because of its heftiness.

All things considered, this is still a great tool to have in the garage, if you have a vehicle you use daily. No more trips to a repair shop just to have it jacked up for inspection.


Overall this item is great at lifting heavy weights. It scores a perfect score even if it is a little heavy for some users. It has wheels so it’s not much of a problem for people to shuttle it from point A to point B.

The coloration is good – silver matches with most cars –and it does not feel overdone. The steel lifting arm is always a welcome treat because it makes sure that all of three tons feels like a feather to lift with the Powerzone.

The hydraulics on this is wickedly powerful and could not be matched by any other aluminum floor jack available in the market.


If you have the money to spend, the Powerzone 380044 is a welcome tool. You do not need to look for anything more because its strengths rely on being sturdy, durable, and strong enough to carry even the biggest vehicles a user has for it.

The challenge it offers is simple – find any jack that can lift more than three tons, cost reasonably, and does not pose any occupational hazard because of its strength and dexterity. It is a strong competitor in the three ton division.


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