Powerzone 380051 3.5 Ton Heavy Duty Service Jack with Quick Lifting System Review


Are you interested in buying the Powerzone 380051 3.5 Ton Heavy Duty Service Jack with Quick Lifting System? There are a lot of service jacks online, so is this something you should buy? Is the capacity sufficient or you going to need something more efficient? The product looks good enough, but as a consumer you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

You could buy the Powerzone 380051 if you’re interested, but what if it isn’t as good as claimed? Before you buy, you may want to read this review first. We decided to examine the Powerzone 380051 and determine if it is as good as it’s being made out to be. After a thorough review, we have to say that it is. Below are the details.


  • The Powerzone 380051 has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons or more than 7000 pounds. This capacity is more than enough for most cars and other light vehicles.
  • The lifting range is 21 inches for vehicles with a high clearance and 4 inches for tight ones.
  • The Powerzone 380051 uses a universal joint drive. This feature makes operating easier no matter what angle you’re using the handle. For this alone the Powerzone 380051 is already more convenient than other 3.5 ton floor jacks.
  • It built with a fortified steel frame, giving you assurance that it can handle the heavy weight that it has to lift.
  • The Powerzone 380051 uses a specially designed quick lifting hydraulic system. This mechanism allows for more efficient lifts and reduces the amount of time required to conduct lift operations.
  • The floor jack has a wider stand than other models, and this helps when it comes to balancing while a heavy object is being lifted. As the load is being lifted, you’ll have full control with its 50 inch handle. Aside from being long, the handle has a foam protector built in.
  • All quality hydraulic floor jacks have a safety feature built in, and this one is no exception. There is a safety valve on the Powerzone 380051 so you won’t be able to use it to lift weights that are beyond its capacity. This is a good safety feature that should give you peace of mind while using it.
  • Its cast saddle is oversized and the front wheels are extra-large. Measuring 3.5 inches, these wheels are designed for heavy duty use. The rear wheels also swivel nicely. A good deal of your time will be spent moving the floor jack to the right position, so a solid pair of wheels is necessary.


  • Durable construction
  • Nice long handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Transporting is convenient
  • Cons
  • One reviewer said the jack broke down after a few months’ use

Should You Buy It?

Even though there are a lot of quality floor jacks, the Powerzone 380051 has a lot going for it. At first glance it might not seem that different from others. But as we have shown in the features section, there are a lot of elements here that raise it above the level of the ordinary floor jack.

  • Let’s look at the capacity first. At 3.5 tons, this is sufficient for a lot of garage lifting duties. Most people use this for cars and understandably so. However, its capacity is good enough for light trucks and SUVs. The lifting range is also pretty good, and that says a lot about its built and design. The range isn’t something a lot of people pay attention to, but the range is crucial.
  • Another reason to give the Powerzone 380051 a thumbs up is its efficiency. If you read the product description, you’ll notice that it has a quick lifting hydraulic system. This is one product feature that we can say lives up to its name. The Powerzone 380051 has a detailed manual, and that is where you will see how convenient and quick the system works.
  • One of the most common problems with floor jacks is the slow operation. Often times you have to mess around with a lot of the settings just to get the operation started. With the Powerzone 380051, the process is much quicker. You don’t want to hurry something like lifting your car with a floor jack. However, the Powerzone 380051 is just more efficient.
  • The quality of construction is another benefit that we have to mention here. If you’re going to buy a floor jack, you don’t want a product that will only last a few months. With the Powerzone 380051, you’re assured of its quality and durability. The biggest element here is the steel frame, as it keeps the unit intact and balanced.

There are also safety features built into the Powerzone 380051 such as the safety valve to ensure you don’t accidentally put too much weight on it. It’s never a good idea to overburden a floor jack no matter how good it is, so this is an essential feature.

In addition to this, the stability is one of the best in its class. Unless the unit stable, you won’t be able to lift an object no matter what its weight is. That is why the wide stance of the Powerzone 380051 is crucial when it comes to the actual lifting process. Throw in the long handle, and you have one of the most convenient and versatile floor jacks today.


At first glance, the Powerzone 380051 may not seem like the best choice. Its capacity   of 3.5 tons is a bit on the low end. True, the Powerzone 380051 is not perfect, and it is not the most powerful floor jack. However, it doesn’t have to be the most powerful to be effective.

At 3.5 tons, the Powerzone 380051 is very much capable of lifting cars and other vehicles. It is also easy to use and dependable too. Unless there’s a reason you need a 5 ton hydraulic floor jack, the Powerzone 380051 is going to work. From its solid construction to ease of operation, there’s a lot to like here.

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