Review of the XtremepowerUS Heavy duty 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack


For most people, 5-ton heavy duty floor jacks are more than strong enough for all their vehicle-raising needs. After all, just how many people own vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds? But some companies may find even these floor jacks inadequate for their huge and heavy buses, trucks, and trailers. That’s why you have 22-ton heavy duty floor jacks. One of them is the XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack.

Features of the XtremepowerUS 22-Ton Floor Jack

If you’re a regular car owner, then it’s perfectly understandable if you think that the “22 ton” lifting capacity listed here is some kind of typographical error. 22 tons? Really?

However, quite a few people really do need this sort of floor jack. That’s because it can pretty much lift any sort of land vehicle, and that includes trailers, huge “Optimus Prime” trucks, buses, trailers, and even farming equipment. That pretty much covers everything, doesn’t it?

This is tough enough to handle the weight, despite its rather ordinary look. It’s been designed to comply with American National Standards, and it was even made in a factory that’s ISO-9002-certified. The factory complies with about 20 different guidelines regarding highly efficient quality management systems.

What all these mean is that this is tough and safe to use. It’s that simple. It really can handle 44,000-pound vehicles.

The lift capacity starts with a minimum height of 9 inches. That’s good enough to fit under most large trucks and vehicles, since none of them will be lowered anyway. In fact, it will take you a very long while to reach the lifting points as it is.

So it’s a good thing that with this purchase you also have 4 saddle extensions. These extensions help you reach the lifting point more quickly and they also help secure the placement of the vehicle on the saddle. You will, however, have to buy your own heavy duty jack stands.

The power here comes for air hydraulics. You will need a compressor that’s at least 3 HP or bigger. With this lifting design, you can lift these large vehicles with no problem. The default maximum height is a paltry 17.6875 inches (17 and 11/16 inches), which surely doesn’t sound right until you remember that you have 4 saddle extensions to work with.

There’s only one setting here, by the way. This means you must accept the fact that this will lift the vehicle slowly. That’s s-l-o-w-l-y, when means that it goes up almost lethargically. This makes sense from a safety perspective, since you really don’t want to rush the lifting of a vehicle this heavy. But from a scheduling perspective, it can be very annoying.

The handle is 49 inches long and you can set it flat so you can roll the floor jack under the heavy vehicle with no trouble. The stroke is just 4.5 inches, so there’s not much effort required.

Despite the floor jack’s apparent strength, the XtremepowerUS 22-Ton is actually reasonably portable. It’s not really bulky at all and it’s very similar in size to heavy duty floor jacks with much lower lift capacities.

It even weighs just 118 pounds. In a bus, such a weight is really nothing, and you can have 2 people lift it and set it down when you need to fix a wheel on the road. It comes with a couple of sturdy 8-inch wheels at the back, and they’re enough to let you maneuver the XtremepowerUS 22-Ton without too much difficulty.

Then there’s the price. It’s astoundingly affordable at just a little bit more than $300. At that price point, it may even be a worthy investment to have one for each of your buses and trucks in your fleet. To understand how affordable this is, there are other brands of 22-ton floor jacks that can raise the vehicle much more quickly. It’s just that you will have toad another $500 to the price tag.

Pros of the XtremepowerUS 22-Ton

  • Obviously, we need to start with the fact that it’s rated for 22 tons. Not only that, consistent reports have confirmed that this can, in fact, lift even such vehicles as huge trucks, buses, and trailers.
  • Part of the reason for trusting the XtremepowerUS 22-Ton is that the factory it was made in has been certified to comply with ISO-9002. The XtremepowerUS 22-Ton also complies with ANSI standards.
  • With the 118-pound weight, it is actually portable enough that you can bring it along for your truck or bus. Such heavy vehicles won’t really notice the added weight. That’s also light enough for 2 people (or a single strong person) to lift from its compartment so they can lay it on the roadside.
  • It’s easy enough to maneuver and use. It’s not all that complicated at all.
  • You also have 4 saddle extensions, so you can get to the lifting points more quickly.
  • That price is fantastically low. This is great for commercial fleets of heavy vehicles, because its use isn’t confined to the garage. You can buy one for each of your vehicle.


  • There’s a rather distinct lack of documentation about the XtremepowerUS 22-ton floor jack. Yes, there’s an XtremepowerUS website, but the floor jack isn’t listed there. So there may be some trouble finding an online manual for this. There’s no warranty info that’s easily available either.
  • The most notable disadvantage of the XtremepowerUS 22-ton, however, is its excruciatingly low rise to its maximum height. Seriously, it’s as if it’s taking its sweet time to get there. You must be patient, and you can tell yourself that the slow way is the safe way when it comes to vehicles this heavy.


If you don’t mind going slow for the sake of safety, then the XtremepowerUS 22-ton will be ideal for you. That’s because at least you can rely on this work, and you have independent certification of its factory as well. At this price point, the value for money is amazing. It’s a great deal, even for private owners of trailers and trucks.

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