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The SUV Service Jack from Torin is a three-ton lifter that is made for heavier lifting than the red Scissor Jack. It doubles up on everything – quality, maximum weight threshold, and hydraulics – and does not mess around because of its premium parts.

Its premium parts are centered on a hydraulic system that is controlled by an excellent and easy to grip handle, with a longer neck that raises a vehicle easier.

Like the Scissor Jack, this is manufactured in China and tested at the factory where it’s made. This is a Torin product which makes the jack a quality device from the day it was made.

It is made for one of the biggest private vehicles and is a lifesaver, if you want to have a jack that can lift virtually anything from the ground. This 40-pound SUV service jack possesses the following features.


  • Long neck for easier raising
  • Lift range of six to 21 inches
  • Extension adapter for different cases
  • Strong hydraulics
  • Two stationary and two swerving wheels
  • Lightweight at 43.9 pounds
  • Combined height of nine inches
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Red paint finish

The Torin SUV Service Jack is a beast when carrying SUV’s. It can easily carry any vehicle below three tons and has one of the easiest and fastest hydraulic systems to operate.

It does not shake and can take a great deal of punishment that no other similar service jack can.

It is a 40-pound lifting machine that has an extension head for better lifting. This raises the vehicle properly and seems to be one the best features a hydraulic jack has.

Torin ensure that, while lifting at nine inches, this does not clamp down or cause problems that can injure the life of the user and the people around it.


If you are looking for ground clearance, this has got to be the option that lifts more than two tons. The neck and the extension adapter make lifting incredibly fluid and you feel it is a lifting activity that can be done by even the weakest person.

Thanks to the hydraulic mechanism, that is the easiest to operate among its peers, Torin had to beef up the entire jack in terms of construction and bulk.

It is no surprise that the jack was built to be tough because it needs to be a reliable tool in lifting a SUV from the ground without trouble. It was made to be bigger at 26 x 11 x 8 inches to accommodate bigger vehicles, though not necessarily an SUV.


There is one problem with the SUV Service Jack. The wheels seem to come off at any time due to the immense weight spread across the jack.

Manufacturers may not be the one responsible for bad quality because some users also say their product seemed damaged from the start. Delivery is always a constant problem on Amazon and it does not surprise people anymore, but damage at that degree is unacceptable.


Jacks made today have a lever and an easy lifting mechanism. The SUV Service Jack boasts a hydraulic system that is controlled by one of the smoothest levers that seems to move on a dial.

Even though it weighs 43.9 pounds, it is a jack that poses no handling problems. It has wheels so it’s not difficult to move around. The swiveling rear wheels are a good addition to the entire package.

This is one the best three-ton lifters out there for its price. With or without positive reviews, a couple of days – even uses – in your garage will show you how incredibly strong this floor jack is.

Although delivery can be a difficult thing to understand, if the product already shows up damaged before opening it, it should be noted that the construction quality of this jack is very strong and should not be underestimated.


You will not need to buy other jacks because the SUV Service Jack does more than the bare minimum for a jack. At a combined height of nine inches, this can confidently raise any SUV – any vehicle – from six to 21 inches.

This jack is stronger than its competition because of its impressive body and nimble handle. The neck is a promising aspect of the jack since it makes raising such a joy to do. It is manufactured and tested in the same factory so there is no question regarding quality here.

The purpose of a vehicle floor jack is to lift a car or van up so the operator can work beneath the car safely. This does that properly without any hiccups in performance.

It can lift cars all day without showing any sign of overuse. Its red paint makes it a sight for the eyes, very attractive even from afar.

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