Torin T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack (3-Ton) Review


For most people, the stock aluminum jack that comes with their car is often good enough for most purposes. But these lightweight jacks can’t accommodate heavier vehicles. If you have a 3-ton SUV or pickup truck and you want to work on it at your garage, then you’re going to need something a lot more substantial. One option is to get the Torin T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack.

Features of the Torin T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Perhaps the most crucial feature you will have to note here is its 3-ton capacity. Is your vehicle’s weight within that weight limit? If that’s the case, then the Torin T83002 is certainly good enough for you.

Before you buy this this, you need to make sure that your vehicle’s weight is within 6,000 pounds. So go online or read your car’s manual to confirm its weight. The good news about the Torin T83002 is that it comes with a built-in safety overload system. You’ll find that it won’t work at all beyond 3 tons.

That’s a good thing, because you don’t want to end up with a floor jack failure instead. Not only will you have to buy a new floor jack because of the failure, but you may end up damaging your vehicle as well. With this safety feature, it just won’t work if the vehicle is too heavy and you don’t damage the jack and the vehicle. So if your friends come over with their trucks, they can test the jack to see if it can (or can’t) raise their vehicles.

The Torin T83002 comes in 2 different versions depending on the saddle height range. Both of them come with a minimum 5.125-inch saddle height. One has a maximum height of 19.3 inches, which is quite high already. But the other version comes with a 20.1 inch height limit.

You may want to get the 20.1-inch version, if you’re buying right now. Normally, this greater lifting height range makes it about $6 dollars more expensive. But strangely enough, you can find sellers that offer this at a price that’s 10$ cheaper than the 19.3-inch version.

This is quite strong and durable, with its steel casters able to swivel at 360 degrees. It’s stable too, as its base length is 26 and 5/16 inches long, while the chassis width and 13¼ inches long. It’s also heavy at 85 pounds, but that weight adds to the stability.

To raise your load, you just need to turn the handle clockwise. You have to be very careful that you don’t over-tighten it. To lower the load onto a jack stand or to the ground, you then turn the handle counter-clockwise very slowly.

It’s easy enough to maintain the Torin T83002 so that it works perfectly every time. You just need to fill it with high quality hydraulic oil up to the level of the oil filler plug hole. However, all the moving joints will need frequent lubrication. This means you have to oil the lift arm linkages, the front wheels, and the rear casters.

This may be large, but the handle comes in 2 pieces. The handle is normally 39 and ⅜ inches long, but with the 2-piece design for the handle it’s much easier for you to store. It also has wheels, so you can maneuver it near your storage area. Pick a bottom compartment so you can just rill it in instead of lifting it up. Lifting 85 pounds all by yourself isn’t easy.

This lacks a carrying handle, because it’s not actually meant for portable use. This is a floor jack that’s primarily for home use. With this purpose in mind, you can do worse than the Torin T83002.

Pros of the Torin T83002

  • This comes with a 3-ton lifting capacity. That means it can handle cars, average SUVs, and even lightweight pickup trucks. You won’t have to rely on paltry aluminum jacks with this tough steel floor jack.
  • The built-in safety overload system is terrific, because it prevents you from using the floor jack when the vehicle is too heavy. That means you don’t end up with a broken floor jack, and you don’t mangle the underside of your vehicle when the jack fails when you’re lowering the vehicle onto your jack sands.
  • It’s easy enough to pick the one with the higher lifting range, since it’s the more affordable version. This higher lifting range means that you can certainly raise the vehicle high enough even if you have very large tires. You can also get a lot of space underneath the car so you can work on the brake system yourself.
  • This is quite durable, as long as you follow the maintenance regulations. It even comes with a 1-year warranty. Other brands only come with a 3-month warranty.


  • It can take a while to raise the vehicle to the maximum. It uses a standard hydraulic lift pump, so you need lot more turns. Since the maximum height is much higher than usual at more than 20 inches, you certainly need a lot more turns of the handle.
  • You have to check and double check that the jack stand is in the right position when you lower the car to the jack stand.
  • Forgetting or neglecting the maintenance of the Torin T83002 will eventually result in its early break down. You have to oil the moving joints regularly.
  • It’s too heavy to bring with you in your car so you can use it when you have a flat tire on the road.


This is a great reliable floor jack if your vehicle weighs 6,000 pounds or less. You should confirm your car’s weight before you get the Torin T83002. What’s really great is that your friends can come in and use this too, even if they’re not too sure if they’re vehicle is within the weight limit. It just won’t work if the weight is too great.

But if the weight is within the limit, the Torin T83002 will work reliably and well.

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