When Do You Need a Heavy Duty Floor Jack?


When you have a flat tire, you need to raise your vehicle so that you can get the flat tire off and replace it with a new one. That’s probably the only time when you use a jack. So usually, you just need a simple one and it’s probably made with aluminum so it’s not heavy. So when would you need a heavy duty floor jack?

There are several possible occasions and reasons for the need of a heavy duty floor jack for your garage instead of a regular jack you bring along in case of flat tires.

You’re a Professional Mechanic

Can you imagine working as a professional mechanic with just a regular jack for ordinary drivers? You’d have to use the jack constantly, day in and day out. You’ll need it for vehicles of various sizes. Obviously a regular jack won’t be able to work for your needs.

With a heavy duty jack, you can use it every day on even the heaviest vehicles and you’d have no problem. You‘ll be able to rely on the jack to work effortlessly every day without a problem. After all, it is a heavy duty floor jack. It’s designed for such work. That’s why such a jack is generally made from solid steel instead of the lighter aluminum.

You Need to Lift Heavy Vehicles

The heavy duty floor jack also comes in handy when your company involves maintaining fleets of buses or trucks. You probably employ people who can fix minor problems with these vehicles, and a heavy duty floor jack comes in handy for such a task.

In fact, if you own a heavy vehicle such as a pickup truck or an SUV then you’d do well to have a heavy duty floor jack in your own garage just to be on the safe side. SUVs these days can weigh about 6,000 pounds, and pickup trucks can be even heavier. So you need to make sure that your floor jack’s lifting capacity at least matches the total weight of the vehicle.

Floor jacks are rated for their lifting capacity, and that can range from just 1.5 tons all the way to 20 tons. You need a rating that at least matches the weight of the vehicle you’re lifting. To be on the safe side, you may want a lifting capacity greater than that.

You may be thinking that a jack doesn’t really lift the whole vehicle. It’s just one corner being raised. So you don’t really lift 3 ton or whatever the rating is for the floor jack. But you still have to abide with this rating for safety reasons.

Also, the lifting capacity rating is the maximum weight it’s supposed to support and not the weight that it should lift on a regular basis. So if you keep using a jack on a vehicle that matches its maximum capacity, it may not last long. That’s especially true if you’re not using a heavy duty floor jack.

Doing Repairs and Lift Height

Floor jacks are also rated for their profile and lifting range. The profile is about how it can get under a car. A standard profile is good enough for most vehicles, but it won’t work for lowered cars. A low profile, however, will be necessary if you’re a mechanic or if you own a sports car, a lowrider, or a lowered car

The height lift refers to how high the jack can raise a vehicle. You may need a heavy duty floor jack with a high lifting range because your vehicle has high lifting points due to large tires. You also may want to go under the car to make some repairs. That means the space underneath the car has to accommodate your size.

However, just because the jack can lift your car high doesn’t mean you can work under the car while it’s supported by the jack. That’s just patently unsafe, and you can end up losing your legs or your life if it fails.

So before you raise the car, you need to block the wheels first so it won’t roll. Then when you’ve used your heavy duty floor jack to raise the car high, you then put jack stands underneath the car. You can then lower the car to rest on the jack stands.

The jacks are not meant to lift the car for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter if it can support the car for a long time. That’s just not safe at all, and it’s not the proper way to use a floor jack. Some people may use the floor jack for the whole time to replace a flat tire, but when your body is underneath the car you need jack stands to be sure.

Quick Lifts

Most jacks will need about 10 strokes of the lifting bar to reach the full height. That can take a while, and if you’re a mechanic that can waste your time. Even regular car owners may want something faster.

That’s possible with a heavy duty floor jack with a quick lift feature or dual-lifting pistons. Such a system may allow you to raise a car high in as few as 3 to 6 strokes.

It’s all about efficiency and ease of use. With quick lifts, you can therefore fix more cars on your garage or hurry with your maintenance task so you can get to work without being too late.

Durability and Price

These two factors are connected, since the more durable heavy duty floor jacks are often the more expensive option compared to a standard jack. But eventually, you save money with the heavy duty version because it will last for a very long time. If you’re just a regular homeowner, it may be the last jack you have to buy in your life.

Standard jacks are quite fragile in comparison, and they break down too easily. Not only do you keep spending money when one breaks down because you have to replace it, but having to buy new jacks frequently can get really annoying. What’s more, you can damage your vehicle when the jack fails. The repairs add to your expenses and your headaches.

So when do you need a heavy duty jack? If you own a car, you need one right now. With a good heavy duty jack, you can be sure that it won’t fail on you and it will last a very long time.





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