Why You Would Need a Double Pumpjack


A pumpjack is often used for lifting liquid out of a deep source, in case of pressure at the bottom of the hole not being enough for the liquid to flow to the surface. Depending on the amount of the liquid to be lifted, the size of the pump needed for the job varies.

Pump size is mainly determined by the specifications and properties of the liquid to be removed; the weight and depth of the liquid play the key role in deciding on the pump size too. More often than not, a double pumpjack works far better and efficiently in certain specific scenarios.

Below we’ll discuss the conditions and situations under which using a double pumpjack would be a good choice to make.

Pumpjacks in the lifting industry

A number of different pump jacks are used to extract different types of liquids under different conditions. Though pump jacks have become a symbol of the oil industry and processing, there are other areas where lower and less-advanced versions of the same could be employed.

Employed first of all in the marine steam engine, the pump jack proved to be quite useful in the same with its rotary mechanism, and the usage was extended to other regimes of the evolving and advancing industrial revolution.

A pumpjack basically works using a number of motors and gears. The plunger is lowered to a certain depth, and the pumped-up fluid is allowed to fill in the plunger. After proper filling, the plunger is closed up and is lifted up through the motors and gears used before.

A pumpjack is known by various names such as “thirst bird,” “nodding donkey” and “grasshopper pump.” The mechanics used in the heavy duty pumps used in the oil industry are similar to those employed in the design of some hand-pumped wells. Often used for water pumping, a human is what drives the pump in this case, unlike electricity which runs the pumps in the oil industry.

Choosing a pumpjack size

Choosing a pumpjack with the proper size depends on several factors. The depth and weight of the liquid, which is to say that the deeper the well is and the thicker its liquid is, the more power will be required to extract the same from the bottom.

When you have a deep extraction drive to be carried out, using a high-power pump lifts around 40 liters of liquid in one go.

While oils are less dense than water, so raising oil is going to be easier with a low-power pump. While when dealing with water, as is going to be the case with the general public, any small pumpjack can be used.

Companies need to lift enormous amounts of liquids; hence the pumps they use are quite huge in capacities and power. But, for garage and home purposes, a simple pumpjack of low capacity works well, for low capacity means that the jack can be manpowered.

A double pumpjack for an extra hand

Most of the pumps come with a single jack, but this is also the case with those big pumping machines used for industrial extraction purposes.

For household purposes, a pump with two jack works equally well and at times much better and efficiently, as with constant and continuous usage, the frequently used jack rusts if not rust free or made of stainless steel.

A double pumpjack allows one to pump from two sources which is amazing: To extract liquid from two sources at the same time is both innovative and creative for a pump design in the simplest of ways.

Connect your plunger or pipe in one of the jacks while connecting another pipe in another one and off you go. Not just two sources, but you may use the configuration to extract (water, as is usual with household purposes) from the same source with two plungers inside.

The above makes the whole process of extraction faster and work done before time is usually well suited than one done on time.

Double pump design

While a double jack is awesome in dealing with two sources at the same time, it also works wonders in extracting from the same source, but with double the efficiency as previously discussed. But this feature may vary from model to model. Some models of double pumpjack work with a reduced efficiency when both the jacks are plugged in.

There are other models are designed to work with the same efficiency, which is to say that the amount of water being lifted with time is the same, irrespective of the fact if you are using one of its jack or both of them.

To complement the double jack design, there is the double-pump design available with some pump models. A double pump model usually uses a hydraulic pump which must have a very high strength, attributing to the fact of it having a double pump.

The high strength gives durability, and the double pump design allows for quick positioning without load. Double pumps make an ideal use in hydraulic cranes and engine hoists. They can be used with ease with shop cranes, and the double pump adds to the efficiency, just like the presence of a double jack does.

Double jack—durable and usable

Have you ever wondered why many appliances are coming up with multi-usability features? From headphones to pumps, you find models with two jacks. Though a single jack would suffice in most scenarios, a double jack adds to the number of possibilities one can pursue.

A double jack, if used with earphones, would let two people enjoy the rhythm and ecstasies of music at the same time, and thus a pump with 2 jacks adds to the number of sources being harnessed for extraction.

From the garage to a roadside drill, pumps cater to a number of situations in our daily lives. When you’re out to buy one, of course, you would want to invest in something more usable and which would cater to more everyday circumstances, all while adding to the efficiency with which the work is done too.

Thus, a double pumpjack finds applications in numerous situations, some of which may be creative in essence.


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